Sunday 7th July 2024

Psalm 123

Mark 6: 1-13

Hymns: Join all the glorious names & Lord of all hopefulness

Jesus rejected in Nazareth and sending out the twelve

In the gospel reading we see Jesus address the synagogue in Nazareth and his message falling on deaf ears. The people rejected his message because they knew him as a local who had lived and worked amongst them. They refused to listen to his message although his spoke with great authority and people knew of the miracles that he had performed. They made excuses to be deaf to his challenges. They said isn`t this the carpenter, the son of Joseph.  Because Jesus had been an ordinary working man they refused to listen. Jesus had been faithful in small things and so God gave him even greater things to do. Jesus would have worked hard as a carpenter, supporting his mother and younger siblings. God understands what it is like to live and work in this world of ours and this should encourage us. The people also made reference to knowing the family of Jesus and used this as an excuse to ignore him. For the people of Nazareth, familiarity had bred a level of contempt. The people were so blessed to have known Jesus, and to have had him live amongst them, that they should have been so thankful to God. Instead, they rejected him and made excuses to dismiss the message he brought. Today many people make excuses not to listen to Gods messengers. Those who face rejection can bring all before Christ knowing that he truly understands. We need to listen to what God would say to us through his chosen means. Sometimes we need to put aside our pride and prejudices, and have the humility to be challenged.

God can do wonderful things amongst us if we listen to him and have faith.

Secondly, we considered how Jesus sent out the disciples in twos to preach repentance and bring healing. Often when we share tasks with others we can be encouraged, and this is especially so within the life of the church. Having faith leads to a revolutionary change in life from self-centredness to God-centeredness. Lives can be changed for the better through simple trust in the gospel message. Christ can bring healing and hope and restoration. There was an urgency in the gospel message because its effects have eternal consequences. May we like the early disciples seek to see the Kingdom of God increase in our generation.


Every blessing,

Rev`d Theo Corney