Sunday 18th February 2024

Lent 1

Mark: 1: 9-15

Gaining Godly Perspective

The period of Lent runs for 40 days in the run up to Easter. 40 days are observed because Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness preparing for his public ministry. After Jesus was baptised making a decision to step out and begin his ministry very dramatically the skies were rent apart and God’s voice was audibly heard. From this experience Jesus was driven into the wilderness where he faced various temptations.  He needed to be prepared to do things God`s way, if he was to be successful in his vocation.

Jesus we are told spend 40 days in the desert. There he was away from the crowds and would have had lots of time to think. He was no doubt deep in prayer and meditated on God’s word. He would be wondering what lay ahead of him. It might have been nice if he was “alone with God” after all “two`s company”. But the devil came along at various times and yes “three`s a crowd”. Jesus faced very subtle and intense temptations, but in all things chose God`s uncompromising way. This was the only way that he could truly be our saviour.

We too face temptations of various kinds. Jesus understands the trials and temptations we face. He was tempted far beyond any of us are, because we give way much too soon. If we want to live victorious happy lives it is important that we consider God’s word and gain a Godly perspective. The pleasures and interests of this world are fleeting, but we can have a joy knowing that we are pleasing our heavenly father. It is right that we reflect on our lives and ask what would God have me do? When we seek to follow him, he Gives his Spirit to equip us to do his will, even at times angels attend to us. The world and people may let us down, bad things do happen but God wants us to know his ultimate love and care for us. Jesus showed us how much God loves us.

May we seek to live the way God would have us live, that we might bless him and others. Even when things go wrong, God`s name is to be praised. By bearing this in mind we get the perspective we need. Let us aim to bless others in some way each day that we live in order to make the day count.

There are many hymns which I find to be a blessing. My favourite hymn is “When morning gilds the skies”. By remembering that in all things Jesus is to be praised we gain perspective and joy. I try to live by this “Canticle Divine”….

When morning gilds the skies,

my heart awakening cries,

“May Jesus Christ be praised!”

Alike at work and prayer

I know my God is there:

“May Jesus Christ be praised!”


When sadness fills my mind

my strength in him I find:

“May Jesus Christ be praised!”

When earthly joys grow dim

my comfort is in him:

“May Jesus Christ be praised!”


The night becomes as day

when from the heart we say:

“May Jesus Christ be praised!”

The powers of darkness fear

when this glad song they hear:

“May Jesus Christ be praise!”


Be this, while life is mine,

my canticle divine:

“May Jesus Christ be Praised!”

Be this the eternal song

through all the ages long:

“May Jesus Christ be praised!”

BPW Edward Caswall (1814-78)


Every blessing,

Rev`d Theo Corney