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Situated in the picturesque village of Colmonell, South Ayrshire


St Colmon is a rural church set in the Stinchar Valley, one of the most beautiful parts of Ayrshire.

Sunday 10:00am


The parish covers four villages: Colmonell, Barrhill, Pinwherry and Lendalfoot. St Colmon Parish Church is linked with the neighbouring Ballantrae Parish Church. We are a church keen to welcome locals and visitors as we learn more about what our faith means to us and how we can better serve God in our communities and in the world.

We are once again able to worship together from Sunday 28th March 2021 in time for Easter celebrations.  Sunday worship will take place as usual from 10.00am and the number of people who can congregate together has been set at 50.  We will be strictly adhering to all guidelines regarding Covid-19 and face coverings must still be worn.  We very much look forward to being able, once again, to worship together and welcoming everyone back into the church building.  If you have any queries, or require any further details or the services of the minister, please do not hesitate to contact Theo, or Lynne McIlwraith.


Sunday April 11th 2021

Easter 2

John: 20: 19-31

Jesus Meets Our Needs

Hymns: Now the green blade and I know that my redeemer lives

For our services we looked at the loving actions of our Lord on the day he was raised from the dead and noted how he meets the needs of his people. On Easter morning he met the needs of Mary and her darkness was turned to light as she realised that Christ had been raised from the dead. Her grief was turned to joy. In the evening Jesus appeared to the disciples in the upper room. He showed them his resurrection body and brought to them his abiding peace. He also breathed on them that they might receive the Holy Spirit. Their mourning and fear were turned into joy and a sense of purpose. They were given a commission and were empowered and equipped to fulfil it.
A week later Jesus appeared again to the disciples when Thomas was present. Thomas had said that unless he saw Jesus for himself, he would not believe. Jesus showed Thomas his wounds and he saw for himself that Jesus was indeed raised. Thomas had been sceptical but Jesus met his needs that day.
We noted how Jesus meets our needs today. John reminds us in his gospel that it has been written that we might believe in Jesus Gods son, and that by doing so might have life. God equips his people today through his Spirit and he is there alongside us daily meeting our deepest needs. We should never doubt his presence or ability to work in any situation.

In our prayers we remembered the Queen and Royal family following the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. And we ended our services with the National Anthem being played.

Every blessing,
Rev`d Theo Corney



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St Colmon Kirk Session


  • Rev’d Theo Corney


  • Lynne McIlwraith: (kirk session clerk)
  • Brian McIlwraith: (safeguarding co-ordinator)
  • Anne Shankland: (gift aid co-ordinator)
  • Claire Pirrie: (treasurer)
  • Irene Wilson
  • David McCutcheon



Minister – Rev Theo Corney – 01465 831252
Session Clerk – Lynne McIlwraith – 01465 831390
Treasurer – Mrs Claire Pirrie

01465 831390

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