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Situated in the picturesque village of Colmonell, South Ayrshire


St Colmon is a rural church set in the Stinchar Valley, one of the most beautiful parts of Ayrshire.

Sunday 10:00am


The parish covers four villages: Colmonell, Barrhill, Pinwherry and Lendalfoot. St Colmon Parish Church is linked with the neighbouring Ballantrae Parish Church. We are a church keen to welcome locals and visitors as we learn more about what our faith means to us and how we can better serve God in our communities and in the world.

We are once again able to worship together from Sunday 28th March 2021 in time for Easter celebrations.  Sunday worship will take place as usual from 10.00am and the number of people who can congregate together has been set at 50.  We will be strictly adhering to all guidelines regarding Covid-19 and face coverings must still be worn.  We very much look forward to being able, once again, to worship together and welcoming everyone back into the church building.  If you have any queries, or require any further details or the services of the minister, please do not hesitate to contact Theo, or Lynne McIlwraith.


Sunday 9th May 2021

Easter 6

Acts 10: 44-48
John 15: 9-17

Discipleship as Friendship with God

Hymns: Come Down O Love Divine & Great God Your Love

We noted that the context of Jesus words was the upper room, the night before Jesus died. Jesus spoke to his disciples assuring them of his love that they might be prepared for his death as well as their role to be apostles. He compared his love for them with that of his father for him. The Lords love for his disciples is profound indeed.
Jesus urged his disciples to remain in his love and to do so by following his commands. We are to be diligent in our discipleship and aim always to live lives which are pleasing to God. Sure enough, we will at times fall from the mark, but God will forgive us if we seek to please him.
Jesus goes on to speak of the wonderful nature of discipleship. He explains how his people are called to bear fruit. Their influence is to be positive and worthwhile. He explains how his disciples are chosen for joy. There is a joy that comes deep down in one’s heart from faith in Christ and seeking to do his will. Christians are also chosen for love. Jesus commanded his disciples to love one another that the world might know that they are his followers. God loves his people and his people ought to love one another and seek to win the world through loving acts of service. Jesus also explained that his disciples are chosen to be friends. To be a servant of God was seen as being a great privilege. But here Jesus goes much further by saying that his followers are friends. They have a very close relationship with him, in which they are allowed to know his heart, mind and plans.
The reading speaks of Gods great love for us. In it we are urged to love one another and follow the commands of Christ. By doing this we can know true joy and have that friendship with Christ that assures us that we face nothing alone.
We were able to celebrate Holy Communion in both churches today with pre-packaged communion cups with individual wafers & we look forward to moving forward in the months ahead.

Every blessing,

Rev`d Theo Corney



A service of Holy Communion will be held on Sunday 9th May 2021 and all are invited to attend. All Covid-19 guidelines will be adhered to. Due to the current restrictions of permitted numbers within church, if you plan to attend, please could you let Lynne McIlwraith know.



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St Colmon Kirk Session


  • Rev’d Theo Corney


  • Lynne McIlwraith: (kirk session clerk)
  • Brian McIlwraith: (safeguarding co-ordinator)
  • Anne Shankland: (gift aid co-ordinator)
  • Claire Pirrie: (treasurer)
  • Irene Wilson
  • David McCutcheon



Minister – Rev Theo Corney – 01465 831252
Session Clerk – Lynne McIlwraith – 01465 831390
Treasurer – Mrs Claire Pirrie

01465 831390

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