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Situated in the picturesque village of Colmonell, South Ayrshire


St Colmon is a rural church set in the Stinchar Valley, one of the most beautiful parts of Ayrshire.

Sunday 10:00am


The parish covers four villages: Colmonell, Barrhill, Pinwherry and Lendalfoot. St Colmon Parish Church is linked with the neighbouring Ballantrae Parish Church. We are a church keen to welcome locals and visitors as we learn more about what our faith means to us and how we can better serve God in our communities and in the world.

Due to the implementation of the new Covid-19 lockdown once again we are unable to worship together in St Colmon Church.  Therefore from 5th January 2021 the church building will be closed until further notice.  Under the new restrictions weddings and funerals can still take place but with fewer numbers.  If you require any further details or the services of the minister please do not hesitate to contact him.


Sunday 24th January 2021

Psalm 62: 5-12
Mark 1: 14-20

Hymns: Dear Lord and Father & Lord, you have come to the seashore

“The calling of the first disciples”

Mark in his gospel is very clear and succinct. We could very easily read over the gospel for today without stopping to think over its wonderful significance. After Jesus has been baptised and spent time in the wilderness where he resists temptation, he begins his public ministry and one of the first things he does is call people to discipleship. Discipleship involves learning and discipline and we hear very simply that the fishermen that Jesus called immediately followed him.

I have no doubt that Jesus personality was “magnetic” in its attractiveness. Jesus made people stop and think and many, many people were drawn into his presence. These fishermen knew that it was worth leaving their nets (in effect their livelihoods) to follow Jesus. These men were seasoned fishermen and were good at their jobs. They were intelligent and would have known all the tricks in the trade when it came to being successful. And yet they simply rose and followed Jesus. They obviously recognised that there was something very special about Jesus, they had perhaps looked forward to God revealing his Messiah and hoped that he might be the one promised.

Maybe these fishermen though successful felt that there was something missing in their lives. Maybe they wanted to serve others or make a real difference in the world around them. In terms of their faith journey, they may have been still seeking. A clergyman once said “within us all there is a God shaped hole, and nothing can quite fill it until God comes along and makes our lives whole”. There is often a restlessness of heart when we have not surrendered our lives to God. It is God who gives us peace and fulfilment. These fishermen were given a new purpose. Yes, they were to learn from a wonderful teacher, and see mighty works wrought. But they were also to become “fishers of people”.

Ask anyone who fishes if it is easy! Give… considerable time to listen to the response…. lol ! You will find out that it is all quite complicated. Ask someone fishing in in the Stinchar or who fishes the seas. The first disciples were given a wonderful commission to search for and draw people into a living relationship with God. They were to see the Lord at work and were to share the Kingdom of God with others. The church has continued to grow ever since, as people have continued to draw others into fellowship with the living God. It is not always easy to bring people to see the truth of the gospel. But we need to keep going sharing the wonderful news of God’s love for us all. A love which sent Jesus to live amongst us that he might be reconciled to us through Jesus death on the cross. We need to show others the wonderful person of Jesus – the image of the invisible God. God loves each and every one of us and our hearts are restless until they find him.

Jesus not only calls but he equips. These men though they had been fishermen, in time were those who began to win the world for Christ. He gave them a mission and they were used mightily of God, because they put him first and trusted him to be there with them every step of the way. God is with us today! He can make our lives whole! He gives love and will bring healing, hope and joy if we trust in him! Through us God can do great things, if we are open to his will and calling.

Every blessing,

Rev`d Theo Corney



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