Sunday 10th October 2021


Call to worship

Hymn 130 Ye servants of God.  Prayer.  Hymn 502 Take my life

Psalm 90: 12-17  Mark 10: 17-31  Prayers.  Hymn 509 Jesus calls us

Sermon.  Hymn 465 Be thou my vision.  Blessing


For our sermon we looked at the lessons which come from the Gospel reading. We considered what is most important in our lives. The way to find peace is through putting Christ first and relying on him. The rich young man came to Jesus with the question of how to inherit everlasting life.  The answer came back that it is not though outward acts but through relying on the one that gives us our earthly blessings.

The man in story knew that there was a void in his life, but wasn’t willing to trust fully in God. In life we make idols of things such as wealth and popularity, but these things are fleeting. If we trust in Christ, we can have joy in the here and now as well as the assurance of eternal life. Where do we place our trust? The answer to this question is of enormous significance? Let us consider it for ourselves.


Rev`d Theo Corney