Sunday 16th January 2022

We looked today at the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine. The story is important in many ways. It demonstrates the fact that Jesus came that we might have life in all its fulness. It is right that we joyfully celebrate what is important in life. Jesus joined in with the wedding celebrations and helped them to proceed. Mary did the right thing in coming to Jesus and asking him to deal with the problem. We do well to bring our problems to Christ placing them likewise in his hands. He may not of course always turn our water into wine, but he can be at work in various ways even when things seem beyond hope. We should never doubt Christ’s ability to be present and to work to in our lives.

This particular miracle was needful for its witnesses. The disciples were filled with awe as they saw this transformation. The miracle was not performed just to help the wedding celebrations to continue. The miracle pointed to a deeper truth. It revealed something of our Lords nature. It showed Jesus to be God`s anointed Messiah. Jesus was revealed as part of the Godhead, as he was able to have power over the created order. I love the words of William Temple who said “The modest water saw its God and blushed”.

Many people give testimony to having great joy when coming to faith, but this for many seems to fade over the years. This should not be so. The longer we have faith the more joyful we should become as we continue to be filled with the wine of the kingdom. God gives his spirit and things ought to improve in our relationship with him as the years go by. We were challenged to ask whether this is the case or not for us.

May we be blessed and encouraged by this wonderful gospel story!

In His service,

Rev`d Theo Corney


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